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Since 1997, our games have been played by millions of players across thousands of websites, including both real money casinos and free-play entertainment destinations.

You could have a fully integrated gaming system installed on your servers in less than a day, without the risks of unproven gaming techonology or the high cost of in-house development. Our purchase price is the lowest in the industry: no licensing fees, royalties, or maintenance fees.

Best of all, our web-based Flash and Shockwave games are highly customizable. Your artists can create their own unique themes, complete with animations, sound and music. Enter your email below to receive an instant reply with our prices.

Due to rapidly changing laws and regulations we cannot be responsible for the legality or use of this product by any particular customer. All customers should determine for themselves that the use of this product is permitted in their market.


The game engine consists of several Flash applications, a Java server application, and an ASP.net administration system. A fully functional multi-language sample website is also provided to help you get started. If you already have an operational website, the games can be configured to use your current player database fields.

The server software must be installed on a Windows server with a Microsoft SQL Server database. At least 4GB of RAM is recommended if your database and web server are on the same machine.


Although several themes are included with your purchase, you can fully customize the games on your own. Artwork, event triggered animation, sound, voice and screen layout are completely customizable. Create as many different themes as you like!

We can also make code changes to the software for an additional charge. However, the software is so flexible that you may be able to achieve your goals through game configurations alone.

How to Proceed

When you are ready to purchase, contact us with your full contact information (name, business, licensed domain name) and specify which game(s) you would like to purchase, and we will reply with a licensing agreement and invoice. When payment is received we will send you the software, license key, and installation manual.

Most customers take advantage of our free installation service. If would like us to install the software for you on an existing production website, an additional fee may be required depending on the complexity of integration.

Multiplayer Bingo

Our exciting Bingo software has hundreds of features, and was designed to be most flexible and customizable platform anywhere. The included Gold Rush and Bingo Factory themes are examples of what your own artists can create, complete with music, sound effects, voice, and event-triggered animations. Features include:

  • 75, 80, 30 and 90 Ball Versions
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Automatic Events w/Leaderboard
  • Multiple Private Chats
  • Player Profile Hooks
  • Animated Chat Smileys
  • Fully Customizable Themes
  • Automated Chat Announcements
  • On-Card # Away Display
  • Stereo Sound and Music
  • Hundreds of Patterns w/Editor
  • No-Download Flash Client
  • Optional In-Game Advertising
  • 6 Months Free support
  • Affordable Prices
  • Event Triggered Animations
  • On-Screen Results
  • Player List w/# Away
  • Quick-Chat Buttons
  • Customizable Pot Splits
  • 'Close to Bingo' Music
  • Day/Hour/Minute Scheduling
  • Card Sorting, Paging, Resizing
  • Auto-Daub, Auto-Claim, Auto-Buy
  • On-Card Pattern Display
  • Blackout, Classic, Corners, Patterns

Multiplayer Poker

Our online poker software solution includes moving 3D avatars, optional player photo uploads, and multi-language support. The poker lobby lets you choose from Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha/8, Stud, Stud/8, Razz, single table and multitable tournaments, and satellite tournaments. All of our games including Multiplayer Poker feature web-based administration and easy website integration. Key features include:

  • Single-Table Tournanments
  • Multi-Table Tournaments & SNG's
  • Deluxe Administration
  • Animated Avatars
  • Optional Player Photo Mode
  • Fixed, Spread, PL and NL tables
  • Flexible table options
  • Voice and Sound
  • Pre-action buttons
  • Automated Chat Announcements
  • Tournament Scheduling
  • SNG Tournaments
  • Affordable Prices
  • Scaleable for larger websites
  • Chat Window
  • Waiting list
  • In-Game Transcripts
  • Customizable Flash Lobby
  • Custom Avatars Available
  • Customizable Background Artwork

Slot Machines

Our Flash multiline slots feature animated symbols, 9-25 paylines, linked progressive jackpot, wild symbols, auto-spin, and a bonus round! Includes all themes shown. Fully customizable graphics, music and layout!

Video Poker

Includes Deuces Wild, Double Joker, All-American, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Loose Deuces, Multiplayer Chat and big win announcements. You have complete control over the payouts and coin value. Features linked progresssive jackpots and fully customizable graphics and sound.

Bingo Slots

An exciting game that combines elements of slots, bingo and Keno. Features linked progressive jackpots, multiple ways to win, adjustable payouts, and a bonus round.


Our multiplayer blackjack game features sound and stunning graphics,as well as multitable tournaments, multiple splitting, insurance, doubling down, and complete control over game rules. This is a Shockwave based game.


Every software package includes a comprehensive web accessible management tool. This sophisticated Back Office allows you to view financial and game history charts, query player data, and administer every detail of game play. Key features include but are not limited to:

  • Player balance adjustments
  • Transactions search
  • Origins and Aquisitions Report
  • Banner management
  • Play history and notes
  • Game archive search
  • Daily business report
  • Deposit summary/admin.
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Redemptions
  • Payment processor reports
  • Affiliate reports
  • Deposit promotions scheduler
  • Employee Management
  • Multilevel Affiliate Management
  • Player value report
  • Popup Management
  • CPA report
  • Aquisitions
  • Conversions Report
  • Registrations summary
  • Customer service
  • Bonus cash manager
  • Business reports
  • Detailed chat logs
  • Chat logging
  • Security, Page Access
  • Chat filters and rules
  • Mail settings
  • Employee activity logs
  • Commissions Report

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Instant Pricing via Email

We believe gaming software should be affordable. Our purchase price is the lowest in the industry. There are no licensing fees, royalties, or maintenance fees. You have complete control since the software is installed on your servers.

Our low price entitles you to free patches and minor update releases. Major update releases may require a version upgrade Fee. You also receive six months of free technical support.

Submit your email address below to get an automatic reply with our 2012 price list. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam filter contact us using the email address on the right.

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